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Noise and vibration, in an industrial contest, essentially concern the product, the rotating machinery for power generation, power transmission, pneumofore machinery, production lines, and much more.


The appearance of "noise" is seen normally in two respects: the exposure of workers and acoustic emissions for the certification of the product.

Worker exposure is a well-defined task and goals are easily described, it is necessary a "Sound Level Meter" and the skill of the technician, is also need a "Vibrometer" to evaluate the risk of whole body vibrations or hand- arm.


Everything regarding the machinery instead presents an enormous series of applications, starting from the certification requests and targets for acoustic emissions, arising from vibrational phenomena, both for the Directive machines, and for the quality of the prodoto or component. In fact, talking of noise reduction on machinery, or diagnostics of malfunctions, means that each machine has to be studied at the level of the individual component.


Among the most demanding applications there is the sound power ISO 374x (microphones) or ISO 9614 (intensity) and the availability of acoustic rooms for testing; instrumental solutions include systems DT9837A or ECON Avant 4 to 16 channels.

The vibrations of the rotating machines can be measured and analyzed both with dedicated tools for predictive maintenance type RION the VA-12, or with PC-based systems such as portable 4-channel DT9837A, or ECON Multichannel systems (up to over 1000 channels) to perform on-line monitoring and modal analysis.


The analysis functions of the various systems available include as standard:

Leq, weightings, frequency analysis in 1 / n octave, FFT analysis, orders, Trigger, synchronous analysis (vector), esport results in various formats, customization with dedicated application and connection with scientific software (MatLab, FEM , BEM, SEA, etc..)



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