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SCS 902A - Determining Acoustic Material characteristics

The SCS 902A System represent a complete ensemble of devices and dedicated software which has been designed to cover all applications for acoustic materials characteristics determination. Using a "Common Data Base" and rather unique user interface, it allows to handle all measurement devices as a whole. Several measurements can be performed on a single sample or a group of samples of the same material, in order to perform averaging and statistical functions on the narrow band as well as 1/3 octave spectra of the alfa coefficient, or to keep a track of a material development history and quality control based on different parameters.

A complete set of dedicated devices is shortly introduced in this pages or in the downloadble Brochures.




SCS 902A - Devices series

SCS 9020B - Impedance Kundt tube
Standard version Sound Absorption and Zs according to ISO/ASTM standards.
3 diameters available: 
100mm: up to 1800 Hz
28mm: up to 6400 Hz
45mm: up to 4000 Hz

SCS 9020B/TL - Impedance Kundt tube
Standard version with optional add-on's for Sound Insulation TL and Zc.

SCS 9020B/T60 - Impedance Kundt tube
Special version to measure alpha, Zs, TL, Zc, Gamma, etc. from T60 parameter determined with Impulse Response method

SCS 9021 - Oberst method for Elastic modulus and Damping loss factor determination
Oberst device to measure Elastic modulus and Damping Loss Factor of thin bars (1mm thick) clamped to one end and covered with damping materials.
Excitation using electromagnetic trasducers, measurement with small accelerometer, optional laser transducer or non-contact probe

SCS 9022 - SAE method for Damping loss factor determination
Steel plate 6mm thick suspended on 4 metallic springs, covered with damping materials. Instrumented hammer excitation and accelerometer for FRF measurement

SCS 9023 - Flow resistance
ISO methodology with forced-air from a moving piston at frequency of 2Hz. Inner pression measured using a special microphone system.
System calibration with supplied sealed tap.

SCS 9025 - Tortuosity
Methodolgy based on Electrical Impedence in water. Sample is placed in water between two electrods.

SCS 9026 - Bulk modulus 
Specific device to measure Static Elastic modulus and Poisson ratio, Dynamic Elastic modulus and damping loss factor of porous samples: textile and/or PU foam alike.
Measurements can be conducted in air or inside a vacuum chamber (100 mm Hg)

SCS 9031 - ABS Cabine 
Random incidence Sound absorption coefficient in a small cabine (so called alpha cabine) of about 20 mc, scaled to ISO 354 reverberant room of 200 mc. Excitation using a set of loudspeaker and measuremetn in 5 microphone positions, using interrupted noise and Schroeder method, and/or Impulse response method.






SCS Material Testing Introduction



Physical Models





Software products to predict acoustic, elastic or thermodynamic properties of porous materials or multi-layered structures including such materials