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  • Environmental Noise
  • Building Acoustic
  • Architectural Acoustic
  • Noise and Vibrational annoyance in buildings
  • Noise and VIbration at workplace
  • Noise and Vibration of roads, railways, ports and airport
  • Noise assesment and reduction
  • Noise Prediction and mapping 


  • Environmental monitoring of Noise, Vibration, Air pollution
  • Traffic Analysi and vehicles calssification
  • Design and development of Monitor Network and urban surveillance


  • Automotive NVH on vehicles for passengers, goods and earth moving
  • Acoustic materials properties  poro-elastic and poro-acoustic
  • Noise reduction devices design and installation in industrial, civil and environment
  • Vibro-Acoustic calculation
  • Design and supply of Noise Barriers, Silensers, Acoustc chambers


  • Technical and Legal assistance
  • Measurement of non-ionizing radiation

Portable Sound Level Meter and Vibrometer



Environmental monitoring systems


Scientific Softwares




  • ECON Technologies: 16 channels  - 24 bits  - 192 kHz/channel
  • ECON Technologies: up to 1024 channels - 24 bits - 192 kHz/channel
  • Data Translation: 4-8 canali – 24 bits – 52 kHz/channel

Vibration testing

  • Anco: Vibration tables and actuators
  • TL: Electrodynamic shakers 
  • Ucon: 1-4 channels vibration controllers

Acoustic Images

  • Nittobo Acoustic: “Noise Vision” - Beamforming 3d on baffled-sphere featuring 31 microphones and 12 video-camera 
  • DISTRAN "unmatched" up to 50 kHz Real Time Sound Images

Laser Vibrometer

  • MetroLaser: Vibromet 500 - Laser Doppler vibormeter

Transducers and accessories

  • Microphones and Accelerometers

Last update 07/07/2014




Material Testing, Vibro-Acoustic characterization and Prediction


New Technical Document



Distran Acoustic Images


Vibro-Acoustic: 40 years experience in Noise and Vibration


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