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Servo-Hydraulic Shake Tables


1-, 2-, 3-, or 6-axes for testing large and high mass payloads; qualify equipment to required standards (IEEE-344, RIM testing, Bellcore GR-63, earthquake standards, and transportation vibration standards)

Earthquake, shock, and automotive, rail and aircraft transportation. This is useful in university research and meeting industry standards related to power plant equipment, electronics, telecommunications, and freight/transportation industry standards

All-electric shake Tables


Small to medium test items; low noise; no high pressure hydraulic components, no oil leaks or oil disposal; low maintenance; and higher frequency range

seismic, aerospace, and transportation applications

Sinusoidal Shake Tables

Payloads from 0.01 to 10 tons and have frequency ranges between 1 and 300 Hz. Vertical, horizontal, angular or orbital vibration directions.

economical testing of products on the assembly line or in the test laboratory

Public Education Shake Tables

Public awareness, engineering issues related to earthquake safety of furnished rooms, suspended ceilings.

universities, science museums, emergency planning and education organizations

Motion Platforms


large linear and angular table displacements (surge, heave, sway, pitch, roll, and yaw), electric or hydraulic actuator-driven and have 1 to 6 DOF

simulates ship and aircraft motion and the long period effects of earthquakes.

Eccentric Mass Vibrators

field-portable systems, actual dynamic properties is used to validate and improve analytical models, reveal margins unjustifiable by analysis alone, determine the source of vibrations

universities and research laboratories to test dams, boiler structures, nuclear power plant containments, bridges and internal equipment, equipment, foundations, offshore oil platforms, ships, stacks, floors, office buildings, isolated structures, and storage tanks. 

Impulse Ambient Testing


four HEAVE models available with load capacities varying from 2 to 16 tons; IMPULSE testing system, for even measurement of ambient vibrations.

HEAVE: “snapback testing" to excite and study the dynamics of structures;

IMPULSE: studying structures too large to be tested on a shake table or in a lab. pneumatic-driven hammer impacting a floor mounted anvil to create an impulsive force



accurately scale models of structures embedded in soil by scaling time and acceleration in proportion to the geometric scale factor

geodynamic phenomena for soil-structure interaction, embankment failure, and nonlinear soil behavior

Vibration Mitigation Systems

pipe work vibration control hardware; vibration isolation bases (GERB and THK)

protection of critical equipment and building structures

Qausi Static Testing Systems

Computer controlled servo-hydraulic multi-actuator testing systems

Allows fatigue testing, quasi static testing including Pseudo-Dynamic Testing (PST)

Specialty Testing Systems

special and unique testing requirements used in a variety of industries; electrodynamic vibrators

Material test machines, fatigue/yield tests, environmental chamber for life cycle tests, nuclear steam generator tube condition-monitoring probe

Hydraulic Power Supplies

hydraulic power supplies (4 flow rate sizes) for use in hydraulic testing systems; local and remote start; electronically sequenced pilot/main loops and electronically monitored oil filters.

See web site for specs:


We also offer electronically sequenced pilot/main loops and electronically monitored oil filters options.

TeleTech Systems

electronic tele-presence via the ANCO TELETECH System

remotely update and troubleshoot the on-site computer






Vibration Tables






Closed loop control of single and multi-axes shake tables.  Sets up drive time histories and instrumentation data acquisition and performs table motion equalization.

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Open loop control of single and multi-axes shake tables.  Sets up drive time histories and instrumentation data acquisition.

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Produces response spectrum compatible time histories for seismic analysis.


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Performs the independence and stationary checks required for multi-axes shake table testing per IEEE-344.

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Provides multi-channel chatter analysis of relays and similar devices during shake table seismic testing.

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Closed loop control of sinusoidal eccentric mass vibrators. Sets up sweep parameters and monitors transducer response to provide frequency response plots.

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Open loop control of multiple servo hydraulic or servo electric actuators.  Sets up drive histories and monitors displacement and load responses in multi-actuator test systems.

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Open loop control of low frequency high displacement 3D and 6D motion platforms.  Sets up drive histories and determines table position achieved, as well as other transducer measurements.

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Closed loop control of multi-actuator test systems constrained by user defined displacement/load criteria.  Sets up time histories and monitors actuator and test specimen response.

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General purpose multi-channel data acquisition and display software.  Provides for plots of time histories, response spectra, PSD, and FFT.

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Provides animated response shapes of structures from sinusoidal or transient vibration data in the time or frequency domain.  Also provides for comparison to FEA predicted mode shapes.

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Closed loop control of geocentrifuges with transducer and video display of test sample with soil edge detection capacity and block cycling.

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